(at least as much as I know so far!)

Don’t let anyone tell you that tracing the history of a property is a simple, linear search. It is very like researching your family tree – a hotchpotch of lucky finds, hunches, fruitless trawls through hundreds of documents, false leads and then a brain-twisting jigsaw puzzle to fit things together. But it’s such fun!

I’ve been amazed at how much I have found out already and I’m adding new ‘snapshots’ below as I find them, so do check back every now and then or sign up for an email alert when a new article is posted (It’s automated – I can’t see your email address).

I’m also gradually writing up how I’ve been finding information so if you are interested in researching the history of your home, particularly in France, they might be of interest. I hope you find them useful.

Just type ‘Tracing’ into the search box at the bottom to see them all.

And please do add comments and let me know how you get on or make suggestions for things to try.