School’s out – for everr!!

It’s quite some time since I last posted. It’s not that we haven’t been to France in the last 4 months (Goodness, it really is ages since I did a blog post!) rather that every time we have been out the weather has been marvellous, we’ve had friends and family to stay and we’ve been too busy having a good a time to spend even a few minutes writing about it.

It’s now two and a half weeks since we locked up the house in England, jumped into the bursting-at-the-seams van and headed across the Channel.


Yes, I really did mean to write that. The last few months have been absolutely manic at work for both of us and we made a very important , personal decision… For all sorts of reasons, enough was enough. We needed to achieve a better work-life balance and we longed to be back in France.

I spoke to my line manager and MD. Colin spoke to his Headteacher. These brilliant people all worked really hard and managed to arrange for us both to change our terms and conditions to work from France. We’re lucky that both of us can perform most of our roles via the internet  but it still took a leap of faith on all their parts to have us in a different country. We’re very grateful.

So, we’re here.

The difference so far has been subtle. We’ve been spending a few days at a time at the mill, every six to eight weeks, since we bought the place last October. Typically, the first few days of every visit are a mad whirl of catching up with old friends, getting back on top of the garden, completing a few DIY jobs (and this year, entertaining friends and family who wanted to come out and see our new home). Eventually we settle into a comfortable, but different, routine which makes the most of the fresh air, our beautiful surroundings and the wonderful French lifestyle.

Half way into each stay the spectre of our imminent return always surfaces, and by the time we are due to catch that ferry home I’m so sad I could cry (and sometimes do!)

This time out we have settled back into the very familiar patterns that have always made our holidays so relaxing. We have had the same packed social diary, made even busier by the amazing cultural and community events that happen here in the French countryside during the summer months.  The renovation work on the mill has had its moments of frustration and satisfaction as usual. My annual leave is coming to an end this weekend, but WE DON’T HAVE TO GO BACK!

The difference that that makes to every day is amazing. I can’t begin to explain how happy that makes me feel. We know we are going to have a lot of challenges and changes to get used to over the next few months and years, but we are now both ready for the change. Bring it on!

8 thoughts on “School’s out – for everr!!

  1. Janice says:

    Good for you in making the permanent move. Isn’t the internet a wonderful thing, that you can both continue your jobs from France. Looking forward to reading more posts from you!


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